Electric protection installed around nesting sites of lesser and greater flamingos in Aftout Es Sahli (Mauritania)

Flamants nains

An electric fence of 1,650 m has been set up to protect flamingos’ nesting sites in the Aftout Es Saheli region in the lower delta of the Senegal River. It is made of insulation girders every 3 m, hardwood stakes every 100 m, three tiers of overlaid nets and a solar panel with an integrated battery. 

A number of traps have also been installed to catch those predators that interfere with flamingos’ nesting. The lesser flamingo (hoeniconaias minor) remains the flagship species for which there are only five regular nesting sites across the world. It should be reminded that the two species of flamingos are subject to several threats from both human activities and climate change. While there are natural nesting sites for the greater flamingo outside of the Aftout region but within the sub-region, such is not the case for the lesser flamingo.